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NDIS and Centrelink Forms and Information

Are you confused or unaware of financial support that may be available to you as a carer or person with a disability? Here's a list with links to some forms and information you may find helpful.

A great place to start is Kalparrin which is an organisation to support children. . They have a free ebook called Next Steps that walks you through what to do following a diagnosis. They also offer appointments to help you through the process and where to go next which are free. It includes info about Centrelink and NDIS as well.

You can download the ebook from their website.

Level 2 and 3 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) qualifies for NDIS support. Unfortunately ADHD is not supported by NDIS yet.

NDIS Access Request

Centrelink/Services Australia

Here are some links:

Other forms you may need for carers

Disability Support Pension (eligibility is from 16years +)

Here's a link to the Assistance for Isolated Children Allowance for homeschooling.

Forms for children under 16:

Carers Allowance SA426

Carers Payment and Allowance SA431

Assistance for Isolated Children SY099

If I have completed your assessment I can sign these forms as the treating professional for NDIS, Carers and Isolated Children's Allowance. You may need your GP to sign the Centrelink pension forms.


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