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Thinking about an assessment? 

Are you thinking about an assessment for yourself or someone you care about? 

It can be a daunting decision when you're not sure what is going happen. 

You may have had bad experience previously and feel anxious about the process. 

I've written an eBooks to help you:

  • understand the process,

  • know what to expect before, during and after an assessment and

  • decide if it's for you.

Of course, if you still have questions you can email or give us a call. You'll usually speak to Paul when you call, and he will be very happy to answer all your questions, big or small. There are no silly questions. Assessment is a big deal!

Why would you choose me to do your assessment?

  1. You don't have to choose me - that's point of a choice, right. 

  2. I have been through the process myself years ago for my son, and it was awful!

  3. I hope I can make the process better for you.

  4. I want you to feel heard, understood, validated and believed. 

  5. I will take your concerns seriously. 

  6. I will believe what you tell me. I don't assume you're lying - sadly I've heard that one a few too many times. 

  7. I have lots of experience assessing girls and women, as well as assessing men and boys. 

  8. I recognise that having an assessment is a big deal and it can bring many different feelings with it. You can't unknow something. That's going affect you in some way. 

If you would like more info, why not fill out the form below and I'll send you a download link.

No, I'm not going to spam you or share your info. Don't you just hate that! If I have something new to share I'll let you know. Who knows. I may write more eBooks that may be of interest to you. 

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