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Thinking about an assessment? 

Are you thinking about an assessment for yourself or someone you care about? 

It can be a daunting decision when you're not sure what is going to happen. 

You may have had bad experience previously and feel anxious about the process. 

I've written an eBook to help you:

  • understand the process,

  • know what to expect before, during and after an assessment and

  • decide if it's for you.

I hope you find it helpful and have many of your questions answered.

As we only do 3 assessments a week, we have limited spaces available.

If you've decided to have an assessment, then please reach out so we can save your appointment as soon as possible.

By limiting the number assessments each week it means I:

  • Can allow up to 2 hours for our interview - we never rush.

  • Return your report in 14 days, rather you waiting weeks or months. 

  • I have time to respond to your questions and emails. 

  • I have time to complete any forms for NDIS or Centrelink.

  • I have time to think about my recommendations especially if you will be applying for NDIS.

  • I have time to put these recommendations in the format and language preferred by NDIS.

  • I have time to have a follow up appointment and talk over your report with you, explaining what everything means, and checking that I understood what you told me.

  • I have time to check in with you about how you're feeling about the results.

  • You have time to ask me other questions like - what do I do now?

  • If any additions or changes are needed to your report, I make them immediately, while we're talking.

  • I send you the report immediately after we have finished our follow up call together.

  • I also send you a summary letter. Sometimes you don't want or need to share your life story and personal details in the report. In some situations a letter is adequate. This protects your privacy and dignity.

We would love to support you through this part of your journey. 

We look forward to keeping in touch. I will send other hints and tips that might be helpful. You can unsubscribe anytime.

Whether you choose to have your assessment with us or not, we wish you the very best as you explore your options for assessment. 

Warmest regards


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10 am - 5 pm

Ph: 08 9497 1548


18 Magpie Place

Brookdale WA 6112

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