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Changes to Carer Payments in the 2024 Budget

There's some good news here for carers. The government has increased the number of hours carers can work without having their Carer Payment cancelled. Carers can now work 100 hours over 4 weeks, compared to the current limit of 25 hours.

Travel time, education and volunteer activities will no longer count towards a carer’s work hours. People will also be able to use Temporary Cessation of Care days to occasionally work extra hours when the person they are supporting is in respite.

For people who go over the new limit, their Carer Payment will now be suspended for 6 months rather than cancelled altogether. This means recipients won’t need to reapply if their work circumstances change later- no small matter considering the pain it is to apply for Centrelink payments.

This information comes from here if you want to fact check it

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