Couples Counselling
Individual Counselling


Would you like to improve your relationship? As a psychologist and counselor, I am well trained and experienced in helping couples with their relationship.

We give you the tools we know will work because they are all backed by solid research.  Negotiating conflict, resolving the past and setting boundaries are some of the ways we help couples find happiness.

Would you like to talk to someone? As a psychologist and counsellor that's what I do. I listen and help you work out better ways to do your life. It might be about struggles you're facing like anxiety and depression, relationships, grief, trauma, your past, present or future.  We'd love to share your journey.


Children face many challenges including anxiety and depression. They may be experiencing bullying or feel lonely. Having worked at Project Kids at Murdoch University, where I used puppets and toys, gave me a lot of experience helping kids with their feelings and experiences. 


Being a parent is hard! I also help parents with behaviour management. I have a special interest in supporting mothers of children with disabilities and autism.

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