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Welcome to Sunshine Psychology Perth. We do assessments for all genders and Liz has extensive experience assessing girls and women. 

Here's 12 Reasons Why

to consider us for your assessment.

If you're on the hunt for an autism and/or ADHD assessment you're in the right place if: 

  • If you want your assessment done as soon as possible 

  • You don't want to wait

  • You want your report back in 14 days

  • You want your report explained to you so you understand all the numbers, tables and graphs

  • You want to be able read your report in plain English not gobbledygook

  • You want recommendations made in NDIS language by someone who knows NDIS well

  • You want your assessment done by a qualified and experienced psychologist

  • You want to know what to do after your assessment and who can help you

  • You need your NDIS, Centrelink forms and AIC forms filled out by the treating professional

  • You're sick of being on a waitlist or maybe you were dropped off a waitlist and didn't know

  • You're over 5 years old

  • You don't want to waste your money - you can take the free screening quizzes on the autism and ADHD pages for children or adults.

If you want to know more you can download the free eBook What To Expect by clicking on the picture or the words on the right. 

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Liz Smalley and I'm a registered psychologist. I have Bachelors, Honours and Master's degrees in Psychology. I am also an endorsed counselling psychologist which means I have completed an additional 2 years of supervision and am qualified to do assessments

I'm also the parent of an autistic child in their 30s with a PDA profile and an intellectual disability amongst other things. I understand the challenges and joys as a parent as well as a psychologist. We are still celebrating 'smile stones'. 

My masters research found that 31% of mums with an autistic child have PTSD caused by their child's scary behaviour like running off etc. If this is you, you know what I'm talking about! I wrote a book about it to help parents cope with stress of parenting their autistic child. It's called When Autism Is Tearing You Apart. It's been a #1 best seller on Amazon. 

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10 am - 5 pm

Ph: 08 9497 1548


18 Magpie Place

Brookdale WA 6112

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