Thriving in isolation

Many us are working from home and maybe have everyone else at home too - kids we're supposed to be home schooling, while trying to get our work done remotely. Others of us are single, maybe living alone, and suffering from cabin fever, which grows more intense with each passing day.

In iso we may find we lose motivation. We can hang around all day in our tracky dax, and wear our old, most comfiest t=shirt or stay in our exercise clothes all day. We have no accountability or the stimulation of office conversations, brain storming or conversations around the coffee machine or water cooler. You might be sitting on your bed with your laptop. It's easy to lay down and snooze, then feel guilty later for not doing your work. You can stay up late watching a new series and then sleep in. So what can you do to make iso-life better.

1. Put some anchors in your day.

Have a start time, morning and afternoon tea time and knock off time. Stop what you're doing and take your break. When you're not on a break, do some work!

2. Cue or prime your body and mind to work.

Try putting on your work clothes when it's work time, and when it's not, change into your tracky dax. You might put your trousers on, or your work shoes or your watch or jewellery.

3. Work when it's work time, and don't work when it's not.

When we work from home, our work can bleed into all our waking hours. We're watching Netflix and remember an email we should send at 9 pm at night. There is a risk of being nibbled to death by interruptions and just doing one more thing. Leave it alone. It will still be there tomorrow. When your in your home clothes, don't work. When you're in your work clothes, work. Keep your work and home separate.

4. Go outside every day.

Go for a walk or run. Walk to the coffee van for afternoon coffee. Get outside. It's easy to become cave dweller and live like a cockroach. Sunlight is essential to your mental health because you need vitamin D.

5. Start some new social norms.

While you're out walking, running or visiting the coffee van, break the social norms of ignoring people. Look up - away from your phone, and say hi to the people you pass - at a safe distance. Exchange pleasantries with the barista and the people waiting. Anyone walking around your neighbourhood is your neighbour. Say hello. Leave a note on your neighbour's door and check in with them. Introduce yourself. It won't kill you. We're all hanging out for some social interaction, no matter how small, especially if we see no one all day.

6. Move the furniture.

Mix your environment up a bit. It can bring a new energy to your work space. Or change things around to better accommodate your new working from home situation.

7. Learn something new.

Learning something new online can increase your social engagement and stimulate your mind. Take an online music lessons, join a sing a long online, join an online exercise class, join a book club. Keeping up with some socialising, even in a different way, can be useful to keep you on top of you apathy.

If you need more help, reach out and make an appointment.

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