What's Counselling Like?

Counselling Armadale

In some ways, this is what counselling can be like. I went out into our back garden to get some sunshine, as it reluctantly peeked out through clouds today. To my delight I saw that our almond tree had suddenly burst into flower. It's one of my favourite things in the garden. The tree had been a bunch of grey sticks last week, but this week it blossomed. The white flowers only last for a brief time, then the tree begins in earnest making those green furry shells that contain almonds. The tree progresses in season, through different stages. Counselling can be the same.

You may come to counselling for the first time wondering what is going to happen. I usually begin by making a picture of your family tree, so we know where you've come from. We do this to look for patterns, and also, so I have everyone's name written down, so I know who you're talking about and where they fit in to your story. Then we talk about what brought you to counselling. Then we work together looking for solutions that fit with who you are and what you believe. From there, we get busy practising those strategies, and adapting them until they work for you.

If you've come for couples counselling, we do the family tree for both of you. Then we might follow up with the Love Language and personality quizzes, available free here. Then we begin together working through the reasons that brought you to counselling. I like to use the Sound Relationship House by the Gottman's as a basis for some of our discussions. It's based on solid research that we know works. You can find out more about it here.

If you're feeling stuck, maybe in a winter season in your life or relationship, I'd love to help you blossom. Why not give me a call and make a time for a chat today. My contact details are here.

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