Couples Counselling

couple in field.jpeg

Couples counselling usually happens after you reach a crisis point. Maybe someone has said they're leaving. Maybe you're just sick of fighting and feeling disconnected.

Couples take up to 6 years before they reach out for help. Sometimes a lot of negative patterns have developed after that long period of struggle. 

We look at the patterns in your relationship, how they developed and which ones you want to change.  Maybe you don't know what to change? We can talk about that too.

It can be helpful to have a safe place to talk about the difficult things in your relationship.  While I'm not a referee, sometimes having a therapist in the room to help you get over the bumps and tensions can be useful. 

I am trained in the Gottman Method. You can find some articles here.

We might look at patterns of attachment and trauma if that might affect your relationship patterns too.