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I know how hard it is to raise and care for a child with autism. I am a parent of an adult with autism and an intellectual disability as well as a psychologist.

I get you!

Support For Children With Autism

Living with autism can be really hard! Managing emotions can be one of the biggest challenges. Making friends and socialising can be hard too. Surviving bullying is often necessary.

Support For Adults With Autism

You've managed to survive childhood, got yourself a job and maybe a relationship. But you've always felt a bit different and had to work so hard to do each day. Socialising is a challenge, tolerating sensory things can be hard, and managing as well as understanding emotions.


Maybe you're wondering if you or someone you love may have autism. I offer diagnosis using the most reliable measures available to date and following the national guidelines for the diagnosis of autism. You can find the guidelines here.

Assessment: $1750 

Sensory Assessment: $350

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Why Do I Care?

I've found having a child with autism has been really hard. I've often felt like a failure - like I'm fighting a losing battle. Homelife has felt like a battleground. Parenting isn't at all what I expected! My recent research found that 31% of mothers of children with autism experience PTSD because of the challenging behaviours of their child. You can find my research here.

At the same time, as my understanding of autism has grown over the years, so has my compassion for my son. I wonder what it is like for him to get through each day not understanding what is going for him or others around him. 

Through life experience of over 30 years parenting and living with someone with autism, and eight years of full-time study to become a psychologist I have a rich insight and understanding of autism. 

Autism is tough on everyone! The person with autism, the people who love and care for them, siblings, and the services and institutions like schools and workplaces that try to accommodate it. 

If you need support on your journey, whether you're a carer or someone living with autism, at Sunshine Psychology you'll find compassion, understanding, experience and expertise.