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ADHD Assessments

ADHD assessments are available for children and adults.

The cost includes the assessments, the report and a feedback session. 

Can you apply for NDIS if you only have ADHD? The short answer is no. See the link below.

Before paying for an assessment try one of the screening quizzes below to help decide if an assessment would be worthwhile.

Please be aware that psychologists cannot prescribe or make recommendations about medication.

Medication is prescribed by paediatricians and psychiatrists


ADHD Assessment        $1150

The assessment includes one session of 50-60 minutes, plus a 30 minute feedback session to review the report together and discuss any questions you may have. 

Before investing in an assessment you can take this quiz to find out if you may benefit from an assessment.


ADHD Assessment with an Autism Assessment   +$500

Research shows that around 50-70% of people who have autism/are autistic also have ADHD. 

If you or your child is having an autism assessment, you can add on an ADHD assessment for an additional $500. The reason it works out cheaper is that the results for the ADHD assessment will be included into the autism assessment report, saving time on some aspects of writing a report and having additional sessions.

Find out about autism assessments here:


ADHD Assessments for Children

When children have an ADHD assessment we collect information from parents, the child and the teachers, so we get a good picture of how your child is functioning in various settings, where they need support and where their strengths are. 

Before investing in an assessment you can take this brief quiz to find out if your child may have ADHD and benefit from an assessment.